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Rosinella is much more than just a little old Italian lady. It’s also a restaurant – make that two restaurants – that bear the name of the woman whose family owns and runs the establishments. Like the woman, the restaurants’ menus are full of zest, and a variety that comes from years of experience.”

“Among the appetizers, the best is the salmon carpaccio, served up with red onions, capers, olive oil, lemon and fresh-ground black pepper. A light and tasty treat to start off any meal.”

“The ravioli is our favorite. It comes in different varieties, but served with a pick sauce is best. If you’re lucky you’ll visit the restaurant on a night when it has crab ravioli on the menu.”

“The daily menu usually includes a selection of meat plates and seafood, all of which are usually very good and well presented. This ain’t your fancy place, but when it comes to good consistent fare in a great atmosphere, Rosinella is a great choice.”